Hola, amigos ¿Qué tal?

¡Bien venidosǃ … Welcomeǃ

I am teaching Spanish Classes for Kids at Premier Tuition Centre. At the moment we have pupils aged 5 to 12 years old attending the classes which run every Saturday at 2:30pm. As I am a fully qualified teacher and native Spanish speaker, these classes provide children with an authentic experience to not only learn español but to also learn more about the Spanish and Latin American culture.

іAmigosǃ did you know that there is a whole continent where Spanish is the native language? It is important to remember that Spain is not the only country where Spanish is spoken. This is why Spanish has become the second most spoken language in the business and everyday world. It is also the third most widely used language on the internet. ¡Carambaǃ even in China, Spanish has been added to the school curriculum a second language. This means that if your child or children learn Spanish, you are opening future doors of opportunities. Children are our future and they deserve the best opportunities that we can give them.

Spanish Classes for Kids will be running until June 22nd. If you’d like to book in for one of our summer programmes, just get in touch. Second and third-level students are also welcome to book in for small group or one-to-one grinds - contact us for more info.