Academic assessments play an important role in what we do at Premier Tuition Centre, namely because they inform what and how we teach.

Primary-Level Assessment

Using a combination of standardised and diagnostic assessments, primary school students are assessed at the beginning and end of every 16-week programme. This is done for four reasons:

1.     To identify the student’s strengths and weaknesses in a particular subject.

2.     To develop a personalised programme of study which specifically targets the student’s unique learning requirements.

3.     To place the student in the appropriate ability group.

4.     To ensure that the specific learning targets set at the beginning of the programme have been achieved.

After each assessment, a comprehensive Assessment/Progress Report is provided to the parents/guardians.

Second-Level Assessment

Secondary school students do not generally undergo assessment prior to tuition, although we recommend that First and Second Year Maths students take our Mathematics Competency Test in order to help us understand what areas they need the most help with.

Typically, second-level students are acutely aware of the topics and areas that they need the most help with – algebra, anyone!? :) So, at the beginning of their first class, all of our second-level students complete a questionnaire which asks them to outline the topics they are currently struggling with, the grades they are currently receiving in that subject and the grades the aspire to achieve. This gives the teachers an excellent opportunity to provide personalised lessons which covers the topics the students want to learn.

Teacher-designed tests are administered to our second-level students at set periods. This is done to ensure the student has mastered the topics that have previously been covered. If the test shows that the student has not gained an adequate understanding of the material, the teacher will revise and re-set new learning targets for the next period.   

The Assessment Procedure

We understand that the word ‘test’ makes many students nervous so we aim to put everyone at ease as quickly as possible.

For primary-level students, each assessment begins with an informal chat about school, hobbies and anything else that might interest them. We also like to discuss the topics that the student is finding easy and difficult in school. This is a great opportunity to assure the student that hundreds, if not thousands, of other students experience similar difficulties.

We then go through the various activities that the student will be completing over the duration of the test period and ensure that they understand why they doing the assessment – to identify the topics that they are doing well at and the areas they may need help with. This actually comes as a relief to many children as they are also acutely aware of the topics that they struggle with at school and, unfortunately, many students feel alone in this struggle. In fact, although some children are initially somewhat resistant to receiving extra tuition, they quickly realise the benefit of getting extra help and love working with other students who are in the same boat!

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