Our History

Premier Tuition Centre (formerly known as Fountain of Knowledge), has been providing educational services for Primary and Secondary school students for over 14 years. Since 2016, it has been under the ownership of AnneMarie Brosnan, a primary school teacher and lecturer at Mary Immaculate College. Although the name has changed, Premier Tuition Centre continues to provide the same excellent service that has seen hundreds of students achieve academic success.

What We Do

At Premier Tuition Centre, we are committed to helping your child achieve their full potential. Every class is taught by qualified, experienced and highly motivated teachers. Our class sizes are small – no more than 4 students – and we also offer one-to-one tuition. This ensures that every student receives the individual attention they need.

All of our lessons are personalised to suit the students’ unique learning requirements. For primary school students, this is achieved by administering a range of standardised and diagnostic assessments at the beginning and end of an academic programme.

For secondary school students, the provision of personalised tuition is achieved through focused consultations prior to and during the learning process. This not only enables the tutor to plan and prepare appropriate lessons but also allows the student to gain the most benefit from the experience. 


Monday - Friday:     3:30pm - 8:30pm
Saturday:                   9:30am - 4:30pm

We close for bank holidays, public holidays and mid-term breaks.

Although we endeavour to follow the Irish school calendar as closely as possible, different schools have different holiday schedules so it is the parent’s responsibility to make note of the days were are closed.

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