Learn | Grow | Succeed


Learn | Grow | Succeed

Welcome to Premier Tuition Centre

We provide grinds and tuition to primary and secondary school students in all areas of the curriculum.

Our Mission is to enable every child to reach their full potential. Through the provision of one-to-one and small group tuition, classes at Premier Tuition Centre will not only equip students with the knowledge and skills to progress in a certain subject area, but also allow them to grow in confidence, leading to future academic success.


Primary School Tuition is available to pupils from Senior Infants to 6th Class in Irish, English and Maths.


Secondary School Tuition is available to students from First Year to Leaving Certificate in every subject.


What makes us unique?

What makes us unique?


we start at their level

Every student at Premier Tuition Centre is taught at their level of knowledge and understanding. Lessons gradually increase in complexity, at a pace appropriate for the student's ability, until the specific learning targets have been achieved. 


small class sizes

Classes average between 2 and 4 students. This ensures that every student receives the individual attention they need. We also offer one-to-one tuition. 


personalised lessons

All of our classes are personalised to suit the students’ unique learning requirements. This is achieved through the administration of diagnostic and standardised assessments for primary school students and through focused consultations with secondary school students.


excellent track record

Formerly known as Fountain of Knowledge, Premier Tuition Centre has been providing educational services for students in Limerick and the surrounding areas for over 14 years. 


expert teachers

Every class is taught by fully qualified, experienced and highly motivated teachers, all of whom are Garda Vetted.